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Spring 2020
A 'Love' Jacket

A suit remodeled with the theme of a movie. This is a movie that I really like, about a very sad love story. The two main characters have been in love for a long time, but the girl unfortunately has an incurable cancer. The boy spent his last days with her at the beach to fulfill her wish, and her ashes were then scattered into the sea. The sea, the momentary waves, became my inspiration for creating the silhouette of the garment. I used soft sweater scarves to simulate the texture of the beach, and stiff organza and cotton to simulate the texture of the sea. I hope to use this garment to convey the emotion of loving what you love and cherishing the present moment. That's why I call it ‘Love' Jacket.


IMG_4297 2.jpg
moodboard bridge2.JPG

Mood Board


Designer: Jiarui Gu

Model: Jiarui Gu 

Photographer: Vivian Hong

Spring 2020
'A Dream that cannot be Remembered'

Inspired by Freud's interpretation of dreams, I tried to use the reflection of organza and the use of light and shadow to create a variety of colors on different white fabrics to create a dream-like virtual world as a way to describe those beautiful dreams I have had before.

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